The house

A place to relax

Eira Gundián is a small land house, restored having concern for the traditional architecture of the area, in a contemporary design. It is located under a “carballeira”, in the middle of the Ulla valley. Feeling the calm of the nature, and the sounds of the birds and the river, this is the perfect place for breathing calm and seek refuge from stress.

The big windows of the house allow you to gaze at the beauty of the landscape, which changes colors depending on the season. We have three exclusive bedrooms with private bathroom, and a spacious living room with a fireplace, where you can enjoy some afternoon reading or just resting.


The peace of nature

Outdoor areas, while carefully organized, merge with an environment of wild vegetation. The location, near the river, allows you to hear the murmuring of the river Ulla going through the valley. In the middle of a leafy forest, birds sounds complete the soundtrack of the place. Woodpeckers, eagles, hoopoes but also squirrels or even the fishes from our pond will be your hosts.

Walking around the garden and discovering the different corners and panoramic views might be the perfect pastime. The aromatic herb garden, the terraced orchard, the winter garden, the fish pond, the water fountain, or just letting time pass by while enjoying the sunset in the pool.


From natural to present

Some metres away you will find the Santuario de la Virgen de Gundián, chapel of the old San Xoán da Cova monastery that was located on the other side of the river and demolished because a swelling of the river in the seventeenth century. Walking on the back side, both railway bridges of the valley are nowadays the protagonists. The oldest one, made of stone and opened in 1958, is accessible. Crossing it brings out the emotions, feeling the wind, the altitude, the immense views, only suitable for daring people. In a more avant-garde style, the high speed bridge finished in 2011 crowns the strait of the river. Both are still in operation today, and are of great architectural significance.

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